Hi, I’m Gagan.

I am currently an Engineering Management graduate student at looking at expanding key industrial and technical skills. With an undergraduate degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) from the National Institute of Technology – Warangal, I am highly motivated and dedicated to succeed in a professional environment and develop the right technical and theoretical skills in a working atmosphere. Outstanding communicator with proven ability to motivate teams to reach goals and achieve set targets on time and in the most efficient manner possible. Result-driven and detail-oriented.

Completed my Co-Op at Dell-EMC as a Strategic Supply Chain Analyst where mainly work on delivering strategic and key results to impact the business and reduce aged inventory and shortages. Manage Inventory for reporting and understand aged and shortage materials. Built inventory prediction tools using demand and historical data by implementing regression and time-series analysis. Worked and collaborated across various vertical cross-functional teams at Dell EMC using Agile methodology and also communicated effectively and ensured understanding of business processes to fulfill end-user requirements and translate technical solutions to functional requirements at all levels of the organization.

My most recent full-time work experience has been at CasaOne where I was hired as a Business Analyst to work in the analytics team based in Bangalore which mainly included analyzing the inventory stock levels in the Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington D. C. area warehouses through the use of pivot tables and v-lookups in MS Excel and understanding, negotiating and extending the contracts of orders depending on the current contract and life of the furniture and giving insights to the higher management regarding our competitors, specifically in the office furniture market with numbers and reasoning through the use of MS PowerPoint.

Previously, I have worked at Capgemini where I was intensively trained on multiple platforms, programming languages, and functional roles required to understand the requirements given by any business clients. Majorly worked in a seven-member team in which setup and testing of different functionalities related to Supply Chain Management and Finance modules were done using Oracle Applications and PL/SQL to implement an operating unit for General Electric product Passport – P20 engine.

You can find out more from my RESUME or my LinkedIn.

Or if you really do not like reading all this boring and meaningless words – you can check out an interactive TIMELINE of my life. Be the lazy bum you deserve to be!

Hi, I’m Gagan Part 2.

If you have continued reading till here, that means one of the two things:

  • You are inquisitive.
  • You are really bored.

Anyways, since you have made it this far, you deserve to know more about me and I’ll describe myself in the shortest way possible. I am a:

  • Born Leader: I generally like being the dominant alpha when put in a group.
  • Sports Enthusiast: I act like I know everything and anything when it comes to sports.
  • Sleep Addict: I would snooze the alarm if my building was on fire.
  • A True Red Devil: Yes, we are struggling. I know.
  • Ardent Traveller: I travel and I know things.
  • Live To Eat: I joined a gym to increase my appetite.

Hi, I’m www.gagandep.com.

Basically, since everything is online, I thought I should actually put myself ‘more’ online than I already am. So taa-daa. But on a serious note, this website has three sections mainly:

Do give it a read. Keep coming here continuously. I’ll try not to disappoint you like Arsenal Football Club.