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Boondock Bistro – Whitefield, Bangalore

Description: Inexpensive and delicious food are a deadly combo and this place definitely defines those norms. Boondock Bistro was a place where we accidentally stumbled upon and boy, it was a great decision.

We ordered the Cheesy Jalepeno Fries and Mac and Cheese Balls as starters. The taste was decent thought the fries could have done with some salt.

For main course we ordered the Spaghetti Meat Ball where the sauce complimented really well with the Spaghetti but the meatball could have been done better. The Veg A La King was really well made and included a variety of vegetables. The Spaghetti blended well with the white sauce dipped vegetables. We also ordered the Veg Casserole which was delicious to taste. The macaroni was so well made that it pretty much melted in the mouth.

Finally we wanted to try something different so ordered the Bun Burgi which wasn’t that great tbh. They served a small bun with loads of Egg Burgi where they could have done something better.

Overall a good experience and despite ordering so much, our bill stayed at the minimum thanks to the low prices and of course, #ZomatoGold. A solid 4 stars for the great food but will have to improve the cleanliness and other dishes to hit a 5.

Value for Money:     

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