Byg Brewski Brewing Company – Sarjapur Road, Bangalore

Description: You would for sure turn up here because of it’s massive 4.9 rating on Zomato and obviously, you would have massive expectations coming here.

The ambiance is awesome. The music is good and the interiors are very well done. But unfortunately, we weren’t placed in a very good place. Right next the artificial lake, the rooftop was leaking all over the table which pretty much damped the mood.

The food was alright too, nothing out of the ordinary. The Byg Brewski Signature Nachos was decent. The Creamy Mushroom and Truffle Soup was good and had a nice texture to it. Lastly the Byg Ceaser Salad was pathetic as it was dry and the dressing felt like I was chewing on raw wood.

Coming to the drinks, the Belgium Choco Shake was well made and the sweetness was on point. But the Octane tasted bad as the ginger taste in it was too strong. Lastly, the shots served on the travelling cart was a little diluted.

It’s a decent place to visit ONCE for sure but I wouldn’t go there again. It’s definitely an overpriced and overhyped place in Bangalore.

Rating: [icon name=”star” unprefixed_class=””] [icon name=”star” unprefixed_class=””] [icon name=”star” unprefixed_class=””] [icon name=”star-o” unprefixed_class=””] [icon name=”star-o” unprefixed_class=””]
Value for Money: [icon name=”star” unprefixed_class=””] [icon name=”star” unprefixed_class=””] [icon name=”star-half-o” unprefixed_class=””] [icon name=”star-o” unprefixed_class=””] [icon name=”star-o” unprefixed_class=””]

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