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Cafe Mangii – Lavelle Road, Bangalore

Description: Read the reviews and came to this place looking forward to something great but the experience was just about above average.

For appetizers, we ordered the Bruschetta Assortment which had three different varieties out of which only one of them was decent to eat. The Homemade Patata Gnocchi wasn’t available so a bit disappointing. Lastly, the Trilogy looked awesome, which was basically Arabian Hummus and Kuboos with Traditional Falafel. The taste was good but the quantity of the Hummus was a tad bit less.

For the main course, we ordered the Verdure Pizza where again were left on the disappointing side. The vegetables seemed a bit undercooked and the taste wasn’t that great. Lastly, the spice girl drink was alright, nothing too spectacular to write about it.

The place is small and the ambiance is alright. The price is too pricey for the quality of food they offer. Definitely much better joints available in town for lesser. A decent 2.5 stars from my side.

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Value for Money: [icon name=”star” unprefixed_class=””] [icon name=”star” unprefixed_class=””] [icon name=”star-o” unprefixed_class=””] [icon name=”star-o” unprefixed_class=””] [icon name=”star-o” unprefixed_class=””]

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