GW Statue Independence Hall – Philadelphia

 Fact: The white marble original, installed on the north side of Independence Hall, was dedicated on July 2, 1869, by mayor Daniel M. Fox. It is now located in Conversation Hall, Philadelphia City Hall. A bronze replica replaced the original, and was dedicated in October 1910.

Description: The statue of George Washington, by Joseph A. Bailly at Independence Hall on Chestnut St between 5th and 6th is one of the various statues that you can find littered across the center region of Philly. Its an amazing experience just go a historic walking tour and read across the various dedications and feel the vibes of an archaic but modern city setting.

And this isn’t even the best statue of Washington that is present in Philly. Watch out 🐎

Place: Independence Hall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Date: October, 2019
Weather: Fall
Shot On: @canonusa 1300D
Places Visited on Trip: Pennsylvania
Trip Total Days: 3 Days
Budget Required: $200

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