Legion of Honor – San Francisco

#travelwithgdp Fact: Rodin’s breakout sculpture, The Age of Bronze caused a critical scandal for its extreme naturalism and ambiguous subject matter. Fashioned over a period of eighteen months and based on a live model, the sculpture depicts a suspended moment of human awakening, either to suffering or to joy.

Description: The Legion of Honor, is a part of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco. The Legion of Honor displays a collection spanning more than 6,000 years of ancient and European art and houses the Achenbach Foundation for Graphic Arts. A beautiful display of art in an amazing setting of gorgeous architecture! You will be lost amidst the beauty of the place and artwork. A must-visit for anyone going to San Francisco.

Heads-up: Try to gather a bit of information of the Age of Bronze and Rodin before arriving there. Will be helpful!

Place: San Francisco, California, USA
Date: July, 2019
Weather: Summer
Shot On: @canonusa 1300D
Places Visited on Trip: Texas and California
Trip Total Days: 12 Days
Budget Required: $2000

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