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Pin Me Down – BTM, Bangalore

Description: The place is well built and well maintained. I guess it would be a great ambiance if there was some crowd and some music playing. But unfortunately we were the only ones when we ended up there for lunch and the place looked deserted. Though the staff courtiously got us seated and settled at our place.

The first couple of starters we tried ordering wasn’t available. Then the waiter suggested Yaar Aloo so we went with it. It was okay to taste with the cheese having a weird liquidy texture to it. Also, the toppings of tomato didn’t go well.

For main course we ordered Refried Beans Quesadilla and Chicken Tikka Quesadilla. Both literally looked the same and the toppings was the same cheese and sliced tomato on the Yaar Aloo starter. The Quesadillas were disgusting to taste and the soft taco felt like burnt chapatti’s. Definitely recommend nobody to even try it.

I wanted to give a one star but the waiter was decent and they have really put some effort into the ambiance. But food wise, they have a long way to go before they can even hit three stars for the prices they offer. We were spared thanks to #ZomatoGold.

Value for Money:     

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