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Staten Island Ferry – New York

 Fact: Cornelius Vanderbilt, an entrepreneur from Stapleton, Staten Island, who would become one of the world’s richest people, started a ferry service from Staten Island to Manhattan in 1810. Although Cornelius was only 16 years old at the time, he had sailed extensively enough in his father’s periauger that he could easily navigate the New York Harbor Estuary on his own. He earned $100 for his birthday in May 1810, which he used to purchase a periauger called Swiftsure. Vanderbilt then used the periauger to transport passengers from Staten Island to the Battery at Manhattan’s tip. He competed against other boatmen providing service in the harbor, who called him “Commodore” because of his youthful eagerness; although the nickname was intended to be jocular, it applied to him for the rest of his life.

Description: Staten Island Ferry is totally FREE and runs between NYC and Staton Island every 30 minutes, 24 hours and all year round! The awesome part apart from the bay view of New York and the amazing wind bellowing against you, is the amazing view of the Statue of Liberty as you sail past it. Two trips, totally worth it. 👌

Place: Staten Island Ferry, New York, USA
Date: March, 2019
Weather: Spring
Shot On: @canonusa 1300D
Travelling With: @pavitra_sai
Places Visited on Trip: New York City
Trip Total Days: 4 days
Budget Required: $400-$700

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