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Byblos – Indiranagar, Bangalore

Description: I think this is the best best bestest place to have Middle Eastern/Arabic food. A complete reminisce of my days back in Dubai, UAE.

The ambiance gives you an Arabic vibe with Arabic music playing in the background and the Shawarma counter right opposite to it.

Visit One:
The food was top notch. The Cheese Zaatar Mankeesh was too good. The Chilly Cheese Mankeesh was okay but can definitely try it. The Byblos Hommus was so well made and it’s texture was perfect. It went so well with the pita bread. Lastly we ordered the Falafel Wrap and the Shawarma Wraps and they both were very well done.

Overall an amazing experience and for once I do not pictures to post as the food was so good that it didn’t give me time to take pictures. The place to go if you love Arabic food. They also have buffets on the weekend which is 850 rs. Highly recommended if are you in the mood for unlimited food.

Visit Two:
We ordered the Byblos Mini Mezza Cold and Hot Platter which had a assortment of three starters and Hummus and Mutabbal. We order our regular Mankeeshs which were top notch as usual. The first thing that I found disappointing was the new Fruit Smoothie they served which was horrible to taste and not at all worth your money, so avoid it.

Value for Money:     

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