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Hammered – Cunningham Road, Bangalore

Description: Been here so many times will continue to do so because of the availability of five of the best things that cater to pretty much everyone:

1) Food
2) Sports games on TV
3) Snooker Table
4) Alcohol
5) Hookah

When you get everything at one place why bother somewhere else? The food is awesome. Be it the Tum Nacho, Cheese Bullets or the Sliders. All are well made and the prices are reasonable too. The hookah is around 500 rupees and they keep changing the coal regularly which isn’t a bad deal.

I would give it a 5 star rating but they service quality dips as the number of people increase at the place and also it gets very stuffy at times due to the huge amount of smoke in the air so they definitely have to work on their ventilation.

Value for Money:     

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