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Smally’s Resto Cafe – Indiranagar, Bangalore


If I could. I would give this place a 1 star because of the waiters who have no idea how to behave or to take orders. But I am giving it a generous 2 because the steak and shake was decent to taste.

Firstly we ordered the Cheesy Jalapeno Burger and when it came, it had no taste of Jalapenos. When I asked the waiter about it she said it’s inside the Patty so when I ripped open the patty in front of her, voila no Jalapeno. They just gave me a bun with potato Patty and no dressing. After some argument she got it exchanged. Then the Nandu’s Peri Peri Steak took 1 hour to come. My friend had to literally stand in front of the kitchen before they decided to get it out and serve the steak. But thank God, it tasted decent. They got one red velvet cupcake shake, forgot about the second one.

An experience which I definitely wouldn’t be repeating again. If you don’t want to spoil your Sunday, stay away from Smally’s. Loads of other places with similar food and better service.

Value for Money:     

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