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Big Pitcher – Old Airport Road, Bangalore

Description: It was pretty surprising that I have been in Bangalore and haven’t been to Big Pitcher and at last I did. This place is big, like huge. 5 floors of just Big Pitcher with every floor with a different theme. Since we were a big group, we decided to take up the roof top seating. The music was loud but you could have a conversation on the table.

The food was alright. The paneer tikka was the best. Decently cooked and well spiced. The sweet corn tamale cake was disgusting, stay away from it. The Chicken Tikka and the Platter was alright.

The beer was what pulls the people and it was good too. A bit overpriced but Zomato Gold saved the day. For the mocktails, order the Good Omen which is the best of the lot and a close second comes Ticky Micky.

Overall I would given this place a three was the disappointing overpriced food but the ambiance pulls it to 4 stars. Also, the staff are super courteous and one of those places where they encourage you to use Zomato Gold, so kudos.

Value for Money:     

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