The Ants Cafe & Store Whitefield, Bangalore

Description: Three of us decided to meet up for Brunch and since I would be super hungry by the time I reached all the way from Hebbal to Whitefield, I was praying and hoping the food would be good and boy it was good.

We ordered the sunrise on the hill. The mashed potato so well made and the texture was perfect. The red beans was good too and the best part was the toasted burger bread with sauted vegetables and two eggs on it which gave it a unique flavour to taste. The Casserole was very well made too as the cooked vegetables and cheese blended well together. It was extremely pleasing to the eye. Finally we ordered the Potato Blast which was alright, nothing that great as they served multiple potato wedges and there was no vegetable cutlet in it.

Along with your food, you get a choice of drink which could be watermelon juice or tea. Coffee wasn’t available as their machine was spoiled.

The ambiance is awesome. Sunshine filtered through the trees, open air eating and almost negligible noise level. Really good place to start your Sunday. Don’t forget they have a decent space for Parking.

Overall a good place. It’s a solid 4 stars out of 5. Misses out on the 5 due to the missing items. Also, their service is pathetically slow so you can’t be in an hurry if you are going to eat here!

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Value for Money: [icon name=”star” unprefixed_class=””] [icon name=”star” unprefixed_class=””] [icon name=”star” unprefixed_class=””] [icon name=”star-half-o” unprefixed_class=””] [icon name=”star-o” unprefixed_class=””]

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